Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hi whats doing?. Im work part time trying to make as much money as i can it just does not seem to last. Have spent alot of time with the wrong men lol, they all seem to drain my money, and not many, i meet are genuine or honest. I mean now days its a Wifeys World and men these days just take, take, take. I am a lover of good old fashioned romance, simple things are ALWAYS the best. I love affection, good communication, and laughter. I would like to find a man i can share good times and good memories with.
I know this may never happen and that im just going to grow old and alone maybe i should just look to meeting a girl insted lol

Sunday, November 19, 2006

One day at a time
There's good reason why we only abstain for one day at a time. Has anyone else noticed the irony of Hannen's posting about his relapse in a blog titled I'll never drink again?

Not that I'm making fun of him, not at all. If the unity of AA means anything, it means that none of us want to see anyone relapse, that none of us wants to see any alcoholic get drunk. My heart goes out to him and I admire his willingness to blog about it. I sincerely hope and pray that he never drinks again. The truth is that I too expect never to drink again. But I don't think about it and I don't say it out loud. Never is a very, very, very long time! My intention is to die sober, but what I think about is what I need to do today to keep from getting drunk.

I'm becoming more and more impressed with the importance of following the simple directions we hear over and over and over again. Is it possible for me to learn from other people's experience? Do I have to make every mistake for myself, just to prove that everyone else was right all along? Or can I, for once in my life, let other people's mistakes inform the way I live my life from day to day?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

in the last week...three of my exes have called me...straight out of the blu...

what is it? can they just sense my happiness and satisfaction with my life or what?

i have not talked to my ex-husband in more than two years and before that hadn't talked to him in three years. my question to him....what in DAHELL are you calling ME for?...he just wanted to hear a friendly voice...

then...the knucklehead that i spent $2,000 visiting in KOREA (of all the godforsaken places on earth)...calls me and is like...i want to come visit you in atlanta...i've been thinking about you and missing you and just want to see response...whatevuh, nigga (and i don't even LIKE that word).... most recent ex...calls to tell me that he REALLY wants to see me...that regardless of what i think that he doesn't have a "rotation" and that he's really been thinking about me and oh, by the way...can i make about six copies of a 60 page document for him? reply...beat it, bozo...well, not quite in those words...but i think he got the hint...


can't you feel me knowing that i don't need you in my life anymore?
don't you realize that when you walked away from me that i would cease to need you?
does it occur to you that you no longer occupy space in my thoughts and that i no longer give you any energy because you're not worth it?
why do you take my forgiving nature for a sign that i would even consider allowing you in my life?
should i act like a bitter bitch when you call me to make you realize that your lame attempt at flirting is a waste of your breath and my life?
can't we just CALL it friends and LEAVE it at that?
we don't have do really BE friends, do we?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cuckoo ! I leave the nose my small French language laboratory to explain you my long moments absence. I work for Plato, " the magazine of the plays of good company ".

I will not make you affront think that Plato is in your salesman of plays preferred and it is distributed by Millennium, not ; and even less to say to you that subscription is worth much more the blow because it costs only 45.50 euros for France, and gives right to you any kind D’advantages, in particular a free play !

Then do I manufacture in Plato ? I write some chronicles, but my principal role consists in thundering everyone ! Yes, I shout on writers which put me capital letters not accentuated, which jump of lines, which cannot type a space indivisible fine or which say to me that the Gobi Desert is in the Sahara… That do not joke, you can believe me ! The rédachief also takes some for his rank, and I dispute even all alone, is to say to you ! When rabroué everyone well, the magazine passes to the second correction. And there, attention, are my assistant, known as " Œhe of lynx ", which passes to action ! And it is not tender him either. Nothing escapes to him !

More seriously, my role consists with all to read again, certainly, to correct, take care of the editorial coherence of the magazine, and to remove all the parasites, i.e. all that did not milk with the play itself. Because in Plato, there is no blah : we speak about plays, exclusively of plays ! That does not have the air of nothing, known as like that, but it is a rather colossal work.
I am also charged to gauge the articles : very often the writers exceed the number of signs which is allocated to them or one gives me ten thousand signs interview, and I must make of it a page of four miles signs, by keeping only essential. feared, the interviews are often made on the ton of the conversation, there are thus many repetitions, it is not necessary to retranscribe, quite to the contrary. Me which hated the contraction of text, to school, been useful to here me is !

But Plato, they are the different ones which speaks about it best :

When your rights to unemployment arrive in the long term, you can claim with the R.M.I. The RMI, is a social income, very weak certainly, but matched a cover disease which deals with 100% of your expenses of health.
If you worked more than five (if I remember well) consecutive years at the same station and in the same establishment, a small allowance is granted to you : A.S.S., Specific Allowance of Solidarity. Good obviously, one should not dream, you have any cover disease. Already that you gain thirty euros more one Rmiste, you can pay well you the moderating ticket, the " 1 euro of solidarity " (!!!), the drugs, analyses etc. Inevitably ! Appointment counts, thirty euros more per month ! A.S.S., is the richness !

Only here is, the RMI was revalorized at July first, 2005. Not A.S.S. With the RMI, and its cover disease at 100% thus, you gain 425 euros per month. I receive some that 406 or 420 according to whether the months count thirty or thirty and one days, and I profit no cover disease.

In short, I have in Ass…

is owl the life of poor !

Friday, March 31, 2006

News of the weekend
Musical topicality:

This week saw musical weekly magazine NME distributing good and bad points to the groups of the scene rock/indie. What one did not think that to be the classification can of a conceited magazine in fact echo in the press has as much than Brit Awards, testifies to them the multiples ones dedicated to Arctic Monkeys, large winners of the evening, in the whole of the British press yesterday morning.

The young people of Sheffield gained "better individual" for "I Study Bureau You Look Good One The Dancefloor" like "better new group" and "better British group". Only that.

Strokes gained the NME Award of "better international group" and Kaiser Chiefs that of "better album" (one strangles oneself a little, because if Employment is very good, it is not in our eyes the album of 2005). In addition, the singer Ricky Wilson of the britpop group saw himself decreeing Award of the character equipped best (Justin Hawkins de The Darkness gaining that of most badly sapped). To be complete, Madonna has perfect boobs and Pete Doherty (!) are the icons sexual of the year and Ian Brown is "Godlike Genius" (No how).

At the time of the ceremony, Razorlight, Sugababes, Dirty Pretty Things and Babyshambles played live... the history does not say if Pete Doheryt and Carl Barât crossed in the slides...

Starlight Mints, the group which offered to us a mini chief of pop work in 2001 with The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of in 2001, leaves its new 25 April. It is entitled Drowaton.

And then, one recalls you that Jacket Full Of Danger of Adam Green leaves at the beginning of April, here is the small pocket (where the singer poses in company small birds and frogs drawn delicately posed on its shoulders) and arm.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Heh, so apparently political posts and mentioning bullfighting have the power to turn knitters away in droves. That's ok I know how to bring y'all back...ONDE! Yes, we have one more color change. We are now safely out of the dodgy seafood shades and this new tone is a pale blush pink. It's very very nice. I'm also up to the armhole shaping of the mohair pullover sleeve. It is uh a bit uh swatch appears to have been off. You know my uh very tiny swatch 'cause I hate swatching and I didn't want to do it properly. Yeah yeah I know I brought it all upon myself. See here's the thing: I always get gauge (are you jealous?) which means that I get really lazy about making swatches because I've never had to go up or down a needle size unless I'm doing some very creative yarn substitution that throws the whole equation off anyway. Luckily though my wingspan is quite long so it should work.

Speaking of swatches did everyone see Becky's poncho? I love it. I have to say I was really on the fence just based on that photo of it in the phildar book what with the model in the desert with no pants on and that ginormous belt on over the poncho. Now I'm so eager to start swatching for my kid silk haze poncho. It is also time to admit that winter..she has gone, I need to stop making the big woolie sweaters and concentrate on the cottony things. Le sigh.

Also, look what other random goodness is floating about out there:

We have KAW swag...go here to see!

and super groovy needle cases! Ok it's official I now really need a sewing machine I want to make my own needle cases.

and finally, I am in love with this site uncommon goods.

You see? I am capable of a knitting content post.
OK first off, hon? Its called an IP address you might want to look into it, if you're gonna get all clever with the pranking you should learn how to better cover your tracks. Also, if you want to leave rude comments please make them more a bit more provocative than : "uhhuhhurhurh" or "you're a queermo". Finally, I think we all want to know what *does* "I'll knit you up real good" mean? Also, posting comments relating to pedophelia could get you into quite a bit of trouble with not only knitters but with interested government officials.

For future reference folks I don't reply to comments via e-mail I use the comment section and I only use the e-mail address in the sidebar or my yahoo account. Yet, let it never be said I'm not generous. The pattern for the knitted willy warmer you wanted Mr. Shore is to be found here. I think we all in the knitblog community are so glad you have developed an interest in the craft, as based upon how you currently spend your free time you appear to be desperately in need of an actual hobby. For the willy warmer I would suggest a soft yarn, say alpaca or cashmere. Why not go for the luxury fiber? It's your willy treat yourself. Luckily, it appears your local Rowan is having a sale soon so if you hurry you can get your supplies for cheap!
// posted by leya @ 1:41 PM
Monday, March 15, 2004
The Scarf That Should Have Been A Thesis

and saved my sanity.

Someone needs to come to my house and turn off the CNN Spain, for real. That is the scarf I made to, finally, replace my old nasty red heart acrilyc scarf of doom. No, I won't show you any photos of that old nasty scarf it is dying in the trash too ashamed to show it's face. However, the main reason for the scarf was I needed something brainless to do with my hands while I waited for the check in calls from Madrid (which came thank god), and watching endless hours of news coverage. I deleted the melodramatic weekend post so here is the info again: that is 2 balls of Rowan's Chunky Print in "deep end" worked on 10mm needles in 1x1 rib and fringed in Chunky Print in the color way "woolie." It's not very long but quite frankly I'm not loving the color enough to go buy another ball and I kinda like it short so it fits easily under my coat without the bulk. It was so much fun, I want to make like 50 more now, too bad winter is over...bah!

Also, this weekend I learned that my local Rowan will be no more. I would be sad but for two things 1. it SUCKED, seriously worst LYS ever! I ended up having to buy online 70% of the time anyway 2. OHMYGOD last week of March its a 1/3 of all their merch...I need a game plan, this could be dangerous.

ok now that is all the knitting news I have, the rest of this post is political. If you do not care about Spanish politics, politics in general, or think a political post is inappropriate in a knitblog stop reading now. For the rest of you 1. gah! who are these people who don't care about the world they live in? 2. at the end there is a special treat for you. So let's begin.

First congrats to the PSOE for their win yesterday. Zapatero you have good policies and so far I dig you immensely. Never thought you would win. It's such a credit to the Spanish people that they have reacted to this tragedy not with a call to arms (*cough*bush *cough*) but by choosing new leaders with different agendas and with calls for peace. It is also amazing to see young people so involved with politics and invested in a government so PSOE please don't fuck it up like last time...that's right Felipe Gonzalez I'm looking at you. (google it)

and now on to PEOPLE WE HATE (surprise the list *is* longer than just Suss Cousins)
1. The PP in general. You are beneath contempt. To face a nation in mourning and lie and hide information about the motivations behind this attack and try to pin it on ETA to save your own ass? There are no words to describe that. You could have had another 4 years in government but you brought this all upon yourself. The protesters who are chanting "your war. our dead" you KNOW they are right. You dragged a nation of liberal peace loving people into a war almost no Spaniard backed to curry American favour....great plan.

2. This ass hat:

Minister of the Interior Angel Acebes
First of all, how do you sleep at night? Second of all, dude you are soooooooooo losing your job. This mother fucker, stood in front of TV cameras and had the nerve to say "this is ETA's modus operandi" um excuse me. Does modus operandi mean something else in idiotease? So lemme get this straight.
ETA's M.O.
1. minimal civilian casualties since 1987
2. always claim responsibility for their attacks
3. small attacks aimed at specific targets
this attack
1. ETA denies responsibility TWICE
2. type of explosive never used by ETA
3. massive civilian casualties
4. tape and considerable evidence to link bombings to Al-Qaida
Funny, I'm not really seeing the connection. Also, wipe that stupid look off your face.

3. This idiot:

PP member and until Thursday the favorite to be the next PM, Mariano Rajoy.
You make me want to throw things at the TV. How dare you show your face on national TV saturday night after it becomes public all the information your party is hiding and/or distorting and ask protesters outside PP headquarters (who are simply asking for the truth) to "cease's undemocratic." I'm sorry the fuck? Peaceful assembly is now undemocratic? Funny you would think a politician would be a bit familiar with the Spanish constitution, in particular art. 21 which states "The right to peaceful assembly without arms is recognized. The exercise of this right shall not require prior authorization." Don't even look at me like that. I told you I'm a hispanist and political scientist I have these sorts of documents lying around the really.

and now your treat. How the boy and I spent Friday night:
the context: a discussion about how my sister once called the police to arrest her ex-boyfriend over a PLAYSTATION!! This provoked his fear one of our own dumbass arguments over NOTHING will land us on COPS. Specifically, the day my bad grammar and spelling finally push is anal retentive burgermeister ass over the edge, and scene:

the boy: "bitch didn't put a motherfucking comma in her sentence"
the me: *donkey brays of laughter*
the boy: *affecting a pissy Leya tone* : "this bastard thinks I need a comma, but ain't no comma needed!!!!"
the me: *laughing so hard trying not to pee*
the boy: "it's ambiguous, but more correct to put a comma, ho!"
the boy: "yeah, AM BIG YOU US"
the me: *now getting a little pissy in between donkey brays of laughter I mean even I know there is no Y in ambiguous*
the boy: "that's not how you spell ambiguous!!!"
the boy: ""it was phonetic, you jerk!!!"
the me: "bring it burgermeister bring it, I got something a little less fucking ambiguous for you"
the boy: and then we both go to grammar prison. This is horrible.

et fin.

Miss me? Sorry if I have been neglecting to post but I got me some FO's a poppin'! Sadly, I can only show a few now as some are gifts. However, I have so much good stuff in this post it was worth the wait so let's get started shall we?

Ok first things first as you can see the socks of rock are done! woo! and no my feet are not THAT big. The little mothers stretch like you would not believe. So word to the wise: if making socks with Jaeger baby merino make 'em very small to accomodate the growing.

Also huge huge huge props are in order for Miss Amy for pointing me in the direction of this book. Ok peeps you NEED this book. It is amazing! I scoped it out at my local borders and then, even though I was flat broke, ran to purchase it...squealing all the way. Not only do we have super cute wool pigs (ok does it count that my pig will be made of cotton?), but also a hodge podge of other cool cute animals including monkeys* and camels, and donkeys (there is the pattern for whomever was googling me). OH MY GOD this book is too fun, and a great way to dip into your doomsday stash. I already started on some of the projects and they are very easy and very fun. Now Krista Jo pointed out the finishing instructions suck. Which, didn't really surprise me because most of Debbie Bliss's knit wear patterns usually end with "Making up: um figure it out and finish it yourself lazy cow, I'm taking a smoke break" or some such. But I really don't mind it because her patterns are so well written otherwise that finishing is a breeze. However, I smell reprint because the book I have has extensive really meticulous finishing instructions, which is good because flying solo I WOULD fuck this up. Here is a sneak preview from the book, my own mini Big Blue Thing:
Moving on:
More good stuff you need. I washed some of my knits this week and oh lord get thee to the store and purchase this I thought it would be just like woolite but oh man it totally made my knits look amazing and it smells really good.** Seriously, it puts the whole shampoo and conditoner trick to shame.

Also, I've discovered the best way to remove pils from a sweater. Ok get your cheap bic razor and then lay the fabric over your forearm with your hand palm up then press really hard as you shave and it WILL take all the fuzz off and make the sweater appear new.

Finally, I'm working on a scarf made from this yarn. Ok its pricey but fab, if you need a great spring ribbon yarn this is it. I'm not posting about the scarf till its done as it's all kitten Haute Couture and I'll share the pattern with you when I'm done. Its a very spring, very au currant (I totally mispelled that huh?) design.

Google search term of the day:
"kitten I love you" Aww, I love you too daddy

*my mission: get into Bonne Marie's "blogs I heart" plug. Plan of attack: First make a sweater in bright lime green. Second, two words honey....Knit. Monkey.